Red Deer’s Auto Service You Can Trust

At Stirling Auto, we strive to provide you high quality automotive services done right the first time. Our goal is to help all our customers maintain their vehicle and reduce the amount of repairs you may need in the future. Our experienced and reliable technicians have expert knowledge in a wide array of industry services and we are equipped with the proper tools and reliable products to help you get back on the road in a short amount of time.

Lube, Oil & Filter
One of the most important aspects of protecting your investment and keeping your vehicle running smoothly is regular check-ups of your lube, oil and filter. About every 3 months or 5,000 km, we recommend an oil change. Come to Stirling Auto for quality lube, oil and filter services that won’t break your bank.

Transmission Service (1.5-Hr Labour)
Let our experts help you protect your vehicle with a quality transmission service. We use top-of-the-line tools to replace your transmission fluid helping your car defend itself against transmission overheating or failure.

AVR Test
Noticing issues with your vehicle but not quite sure what the problem is? Come to Stirling Auto for an AVR test that can diagnose your vehicle’s charging issues in less than 10 minutes.

Brake Fluid Flush
We provide both the parts and the labour for all your brake fluid flushing needs. This service is a great way to keep your brakes running efficiently.

Coolant Flush & Fill (Extended Life & Universal)
Our experts are equipped to provide coolant flush and fill services for your vehicle. We offer both extend life coolants that are designed to last longer, as well as universal coolants.

Clean Throttle Body & Plates (Including Parts/Labour)
If you are beginning to notice hesitation or idling issues with your vehicle, you may require cleaning of your throttle body and plates. For a reliable service, come to Stirling Auto. Our service includes quality parts and labour.

Air Conditioning Re-Charge
Is your air conditioning system not cooling your vehicle correctly? Our experts are available to re-charge your system and have you back to driving comfortably in no time.

Quality of A/C System
Let our experienced technicians perform a quality of A/C system service on your vehicle to ensure the proper air conditioning Freon is in your system.

Wheel Alignment Inspection
Your wheels may be out of alignment before symptoms are even noticeable. When you come to Stirling Auto, our professionals will promptly inspect you vehicle for any alignment issues.

Wheel Alignment
We offer both 4 and 2-wheel alignments. When your wheels are out of alignment your tires tend to wear out faster and your vehicle burns more fuel per mile. If you notice that your car is beginning to pull to one side while you’re driving, call on Stirling Auto for a cost-effective service that will have your wheels back to the manufacturer specifications in no time.

Computer Diagnostic (Including Scan)
Our team is available with computer diagnostic equipment that can help us find the source of your vehicle issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Electrical System Diagnostic
Protect your starting and charging system with an electrical system diagnostic service from our highly trained technicians.

Vehicle Inspections
At Stirling Auto, our experts are equipped to offer you a multitude of quality vehicle inspection services that will benefit you when purchasing insurance. These inspections include:
  • Insurance inspection (car & light truck)
  • Insurance inspection (3/4 & 1 ton truck)
  • Out of province inspection (car & light truck)
  • Out of province inspection (3/4 & 1 ton truck)

MotorVac Engine Carbon Clean without Fuel Filter
When carbon builds up in your vehicle’s components, it can clog important pieces and keep your vehicle from running at optimum performance. Come to Stirling Auto for a MotorVac engine carbon clean that will solve many issues like hesitations and hard starts as well as reduce harmful emissions and restore your car to its optimum performance level.

Dieselvac Engine Carbon Clean without Fuel Filter
We also offer our engine carbon cleaning services to vehicles that run off diesel fuel!

Call us today for any of our above services.